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United States
"Detroit" Refrigeration  
A Treatment Plant  
Abandoned Trestle & House  
Alamo Plaza  
Allied Labs  
Alta Mesa Learning Center  
AMC Movie Theater  
Apartment For Rent  
Baby Doe's / Waterfall  
Belmont House  
Bright Financial  
Buckshot Factory  
Bum Tunnels  
Cedar Crest Water Tower  
Cherub House  
Dallas Grand Parking Garage / Gold Ring Garage  
Dallas National Bank / Republic Insurance Co  
Dallas Refrigeration  
Dallas YWCA  
Fair Park & Cotton Bowl  
Fire At The Meth House  
Gingerbread House  
Jailhouse Offices  
Kidd Springs Underground Creek  
Knights of Pythias  
Lake Cliff Drains  
LBJ House  
Letot School  
Memorial Autitorium (DCC Arena)  
Oak Cliff Church of Christ  
Old Dallas High School / N.R. Crozier Tech  
Parkland Nurses Quarters  
Pegasus Nest  
Republic Bank  
Reunion Arena  
Reunion Tower  
Rock & Roll Warehouse  
SFS / Underground Railroad  
SMU Steam Tunnels  
The Body Shop  
The Cave  
The Chevy Dealer  
The Cinder Block Factory  
The Complex  
The Condemned Office Tower  
The Cult Workshop  
The Deep Ellum Tunnel  
The Freight Depot  
The Giant Eyeball  
The Prince of Hamburgers  
The Scary Apartments  
The Shops at Kingsley Square  
The Wiener Factory  
The YMCA  
Toxic Wading Pool  
Trinity River Building  
Uptown Underground  
Wash Rack