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North America
             Ghost Town Houses 1 25    
                  All That Remains.   25      
             Ghost Town Out Buildings and Area 1 21    
                  Bulwark   21      
        Outside Stettler     
             A Real Fixer Upper 2 22    
                  Road Trip Find   17      
        Paintearth County     
             Burnt Out Hillbilly Abode 1 20    
                  Toughest Entry Point Ever...   20      
             Campbell Farm 2 49    
                  -25 out,let's go exploring!   24      
                  Moar,plus the house across the road.   25      
             Community Hall / Air Cadet Headquarters 1 25    
                  Finally!   25      
             Corner Lot House 1 24    
                  New and Kind of Improved.   24      
             Double Murder House 1 24    
                  A Good Friday.   24      
             Hewitt Homestead 1 19    
                  Hidden Gem   19      
             Masson Farm 1 24    
                  Square House On The Prairie   24      
             Michael's House 1 25    
                  Friday 13th Explore.   25      
             Mr Bridge's House and General Store 1 25    
                  The Olde General Store   25      
             Shotgun House 1 19    
                  A Little Find By The Side Of The Road   19      
             The Zoo 1 19    
                  Hotel Motel Holiday Zoo   19      
             Abandoned House 5 140    
                  A Few More Just For Fun..   25      
             Texan Restaurant 1 17 1  
                  January 2008.   17      
             Huge Farmhouse 1 23    
                  January 6,2008.   23      
             Delta Bingo Hall 1 23    
                  Bingo!!!   23      
             Hertz Rental Facility 2 27 1  
                  The Hurtin' Hertz Facility   11      
             Hillcrest School 1 18 1  
                  Kickin' It Old Skool.   18      
             Hwy. 6 House 3 123    
                  House Full O' Crap. And Porn.   25      
             Junk House 1 25    
                  Full House   25      
             Prince of Wales 1 22 2  
                  A Few For Now   22      
             Scott Park Secondary School 1 23    
                  "Pot Park" Exploration   23      
             The Butty House 3 27    
                  A Buttload of Junk   4      
             Tweedsmuir Middle School 3 46 1  
                  School's Out Forever!   17      
             Woodward Ave. House 1 11 1  
                  Where mold goes to die.   11      
             The Rub' N Grow House 1 20    
                  Hmmm...   20      
             Abandoned Antique Shop and House 2 29    
                  Trip #1.   20      
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What is a Location?
The name Location simply refers to any type of place to explore. A building, tunnel, cave, field... whatever comes to mind.

What is the UE Location Database?
The UE Location Database is located at the Urban Exploration Resource ( It allows anyone to create a new Location, upload pictures and stories, and much more.

Since when is this around?
The UE Location Database was officially opened on July 30th, 2003.

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These icons can help you keep track of any changes to the Locations since you last looked at them. They appear in combinations to mean more than one thing.

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