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(P) Thermal Fibers and a lesson to not use fisheye attachments
(P) Hello
(P) Ole Smokey
(P) Antique Atlanta Slammer Plantation
(P) Assisted Living Dracula Facility.
(P) Haunted doll factory at the edge of town
(P) The church that would not die
(P) After-lunch Explorations
(P) There goes the neighborhood
(P) Old Nol
(P) A fair night
(P) 50 Project #2
(P) Another Damned Dam
(P) In The Land Of Marble, I Found Bricks.
(P) "Failed" exploration of Elleville, Fl
(P) Motel Crawling.
(P) Three years of NO EXIT!!! ATL
(P) NO EXIT monthly nonsense for February
(P) Babies Behind Bars Believe in Tikis
(P) Hootenanny in the church
(P) The 50 Project #1
(P) No Development
(P) Ye Old Home
(P) The Burned Down Asylum
(P) South Florida Urbex
(P) But, it's really cool, so just come in
(P) Doing the Dirty
(P) Gin Town
(P) Another February
(P) The little tenderbox
(P) No, not that West Georgia mill... ( Large Pic Heavy )
(P) No Exit, late late late
(P) Something smells fishy
(P) Clap, You Philistines!
(P) Better late than pregnant...
(P) Dysfunctional Grace
(P) Left. Down. Right. Up.
(P) Not actually Jerry's motel
(P) Starin' at the broke street light
(P) School is out forever... Maybe
(P) That Actually Happened Too
(P) Easy to get in.. Not so easy getting out!!
(P) NO EXIT!!! ATL #43
(P) First time. Last Time.
(P) Bayside has changed a lot since my time there
(P) Pumpkin
(P) The Time is NOW
(P) First exploration in an abandoned hospital
(P) Play crack the sky
(P) US Picric Acid Plant (c.1917)

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