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(P) Little Bando On The Prairie
(P) Graffiti Exhibit With a Sun Roof
(P) Abandoned Mine Portrait
(P) Video I took while exploring an abandoned mine
(P) Abandoned Factory Portraits
(P) Atlanta Skylines v2
(P) Sherman's March to the Sea Vol. II: Electric Boogaloo
(P) Family Fun at Your Local Mental Hospital «1 2 »
(P) Respect Your Forklift
(P) Ghetto Gardens and A Glory Hole
(P) My first UE experience (Atlanta draining)
(P) Florida Meetup Redux «1 2 »
(P) Coral Gables, FL Mystery Target
(P) Abandoned Communication Bunker in Georgia With Pictures!
(P) Southeast Atlanta School
(P) Even In His Youth
(P) Country Mansion «1 2 3 »
(P) Abandoned Cement Plant
(P) Endless Fields In The Sun
(P) Carlstrom Field (FL)
(P) where the spots at tho
(P) Atlanta Meetup?
(P) Road trippin to grandmas house we go
(P) Two Story School (AL)
(P) Goodbye, TCI
(P) Another kind of loony bin
(P) ATL: Y'all still active? «1 2 »
(P) Atlanta Forbidden Fruit
(P) Atlanta and Metro Area
(P) In and Out: Miami
(P) Central State Hospital Milledgeville, Georgia
(P) I'm coming in October
(P) Two in the flapper one in the crapper
(P) First Church of the Lion
(P) Abandoned Hospital - Birmingham
(P) Old Medical Building
(P) Anyone else like these kind of news stories?
(P) Abandoned Shack & a Mystery (Photo Heavy) (FL)
(P) The owl I kept running into � prison 2 of 3 (photo heavy)
(P) The Umbrella Corporation - Atlanta Division «1 2 »
(P) Georgia discord
(P) La Viance Mansion, Central Florida.
(P) That place where Georgia police prank hard
(P) ATL, here�s your chance...
(P) When the man comes around «1 2 3 »
(P) Anyone around Northeast Florida
(P) Pics before Gentrification Wave hit Atlanta (2018 & older)📷
(P) The Castle In The City
(P) Industrial site
(P) ~the Once-ler year in Review 2018

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