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(P) Reviving the gothic
(P) Oelky and Turtl on the road to BHAM
(P) First Photos Ever
(P) The quiet things that no one ever knows
(P) ATL Rooftops
(P) That astro itch.
(P) No Exit Atlanta: sunburn edition
(P) I don't know what the white kids put in my trailer
(P) Litter and Luxury
(P) Smarta Death Yard
(P) Drop off the Kids Before Work
(P) "There's always a chair..."
(P) Death rides a pale cow
(P) A Day at the Driving Range
(P) First time exploring with film
(P) No Exit Atlanta and the giant peach
(P) Two Bridges Mill
(P) Back in Black
(P) The Turtle that Lost His Hat and Other Funny Stories...
(P) International Church of Blur
(P) Small city star
(P) Its been a peachy weekend
(P) Machinery everywhere!
(P) My trip to the YMCA a while ago
(P) Florida is known for its citrus.
(P) New here
(P) NO EXIT ATL 25... (The cupcake edition) «1 2 »
(P) Johhny reb, a southern textile Mill
(P) How to Pass the Time
(P) Bilt More Bell Views
(P) Lost and Foundry (Slightly pic heavy...no pun intended)
(P) Even The Birds Have Left
(P) Gateway Drug
(P) Never really cared for the talking heads all that much
(P) Jesus of Suburbia
(P) J-ville visit
(P) Searching for Treasure
(P) In the meantime
(P) To the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches
(P) Good morning campers
(P) Two days in February. (NO EXIT 2-7-2015) «1 2 »
(P) Hurricane Katrina 10 years later washed out house
(P) Blur Elementary
(P) Empty lot in Florida, by the river.
(P) Revisiting my future zombie fortress.
(P) The Illusion of Reflection
(P) It's all your phalt
(P) Train Hoppin'

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