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(P) Osama's Mansion in Florida faced Demolition
(P) Holy Land Experience Prior to it's demolished state
(P) Second Opinion on Location (Florida)
(P) Managed to find a good storm drain system
(P) My First Urbex & Screaming Squatter!
(P) Barn Owl In Abandoned Hospital
(P) Abandoned greyhound track
(P) Abandoned Motel
(P) Abandoned Barn
(P) Abandoned house bird attack
(P) RC Car Racetrack
(P) New Central Florida Based Urbexer
(P) Massive abandoned mining compound
(P) Historic Abandoned Home
(P) Looking for Port Canaveral area explorers
(P) Abandoned mental health institute
(P) Orlando Hotel
(P) PSA: atlanta area man to steer clear of
(P) Bando gym
(P) SoFlo locals?
(P) Abandoned Morocco Shrine: Jacksonville, Florida
(P) Atlanta or Georgia Locals «1 2 »
(P) atlanta prison «1 2 »
(P) Anyone on Central Florida looking to explore?
(P) Florida Rusted Ford Trucks
(P) Rando Bando
(P) Cape Romano Dome House
(P) Moving to Orlando soon, what can I expect? «1 2 »
(P) Abandoned Bridge
(P) Novice Explorer Looking to Meet Friends
(P) New Years Bando
(P) Warehouse full of old stuff
(P) Hospital in Georgia
(P) Abandoned Mental Hospital in Georgia
(P) Mental Hospital & Other bando
(P) Republic Steel - Thomas Coke Works/Byproducts Plant
(P) Abandoned Prison in Georgia
(P) Golf Course & Agricultural Area
(P) hosp trip
(P) North Georgia discord server!
(P) Bando Coal Tower
(P) Old Gym & Homes / Business Center
(P) Paper, Power, Vandal Protection
(P) On top of Georgia
(P) Semi-Abandoned mall
(P) Another Dead Mall...

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