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(P) Texas Ghost Town - Doole, TX
(P) Underwater tunnels at Fort Travis on the Bolivar Peninsula?
(P) Circle C Drainage Facility.
(P) Old School Has Balls (Hutchins, TX)
(P) Dee-eff-dub-meet-n-greet «1 2 3 »
(P) new to UER, from Fort Worth Texas.
(P) Chateau Fremaux / Kirby's Mansion / That Huge Unfinished House on I35
(P) What remains
(P) A favorite North Texas explore
(P) Show Me Your Breasts - or Thanksgiving Gives Me An Ulcer
(P) Group?
(P) Stewart Mansion - Galveston, Texas
(P) Spa Day at the Baker
(P) Exploring is Like a Box of Chocolates
(P) Decaying home on the busiest street in town
(P) Kitty Kat's and Cowboy's
(P) "Learn Shit"
(P) Cheaters Never Prosper (Dallas, TX)
(P) Vintage NCR Cash Register
(P) Ten years after «1 2 »
(P) Texas Hotel
(P) Colonial Manor Nursing Home
(P) Old Grain Mill
(P) Stalking The Shreve
(P) Louisiana Explore
(P) Waterless Water Park
(P) Time to Change the Underwear
(P) Two in One Day
(P) Penwell
(P) They Call Me the Joker
(P) Stiles, Texas and the Famous Courthouse
(P) West Texas Refinery Complex (Pt. 2)
(P) Cold War Relics Now Destroyed
(P) Field Creek, Texas
(P) Lunch hour (I'm Going to Hell for This Many Pictures!)
(P) Pear Valley School
(P) Barstow Texas
(P) West Texas Refinery Complex (Pt. 1) with History.
(P) Came For One Left With Many
(P) West Texas Dairy Farm
(P) Galveston brewery and bank «1 2 3 »
(P) Peptic Ulcer's Day Off
(P) Majestic Hotel, Hot Springs AR
(P) Old House in East Texas
(P) Louisiana Sugar Mill
(P) Little Zion Congregational Church
(P) Wrong Side of the Tracks
(P) Photo Shack
(P) Gentlemen's Club
(P) DFW Meet 'n Greet

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