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(P) Texas Refinery
(P) Pep's Last 2 Days
(P) Apache Theatre (Lookin for Love in All the Wrong Places...)
(P) Single location, lots of statuary
(P) Just moved to the Austin area, hoping to meet some new people.
(P) Dallas Ground Level
(P) Hams Place
(P) Abandoned Ranch
(P) East Texas Hospital (VERY Photo Heavy)
(P) Good Morning, Tulsa! After covering most of this great state, we saved the best for last... Any locals (or otherwise) care to join us?
(P) East Texas Farm House
(P) Blood moon photo group meet up?
(P) Fort Worth Brick Building
(P) Last Day Wandering
(P) The Town Treading Water: The Trophy Room
(P) Texon - The City That Started it All, Now Forgotten.
(P) Livin' on Tulsa Time (meet up)
(P) Collapsing Architecture
(P) Andrew Jackson Zilker
(P) Southeast Texas Gas Station (Photo Heavy)
(P) Service Station (light on photos)
(P) cistern??
(P) Ft. Bend County Country Road Explore (VERY PHOTO HEAVY)
(P) Good Shreveport explores?
(P) New Member in DFW
(P) Hello San Angelo Texas??
(P) Labor Day Draining or My Journey into the Abyss
(P) Bad Mojo
(P) 10 mile hike through cow dung to look at a Sunflower
(P) East Texas Farmhouse & Barn
(P) Living Texas Ghost Town Part 3 (The House)
(P) Texas Water Park
(P) Living Texas Ghost Town Part 2 (The Motel)
(P) My current situation
(P) Baker Hotel Postcard
(P) West Texas Courthouse (Photo Heavy)
(P) Hauntings & Ghost Encounters
(P) Living Texas Ghost Town Part 1 (The Bank)
(P) LockedNews article I ran accross
(P) Sunday Morning Exploration (Pt. 1)
(P) Hands Up, Nobody Move!
(P) Sunday Morning Exploration (Pt. 2)
(P) Sunday Morning Exploration (Pt. 3) Bum House
(P) Bridge to nowhere
(P) Odessa, TX Auto Parts Store
(P) Midland, TX Apartments
(P) Midland / Odessa
(P) New Orleans
(P) Rat Race Drain and Random Hotel Rooftops in Dallas
(P) Deconstructed Bungalow

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