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UER Mobile > US: Pacific Southwest
(P) Upcoming Event- 6th Annual Bay Area Bunker Run & BBQ «1 2 »
(P) The warehouse we all know and love.
(P) More Ord bulldozing «1 2 »
(P) San Francisco Silos «1 2 3 4 5 »
(P) Central Subway Project
(P) Roofing in Sacramento
(P) Goldfield Hotel
(P) Oak Knoll Restoration
(P) Bay Area Skyscraper «1 2 3 »
(P) Bar/Restaurant (I'm pretty sure) outside of Sebastopol
(P) Best guesses for why these people left their home?
(P) okay, which one of you fell through the roof ?
(P) New Life For An Old Mansion (A Failure of Sorts)
(P) Dry Reservoir Inflow Tower
(P) Lyric Theater - Goldfield, NV
(P) UE streaming and videos
(P) Abandoned Planned Community in Arizona
(P) CIA Listening Base?
(P) Byron Abandoned Hot Springs Resort «1 2 3 »
(P) Working aboard USS IOWA alone at night.
(P) Abandoned Neighborhood
(P) Hello Everyone (My first post) «1 2 »
(P) To all San Diego locals
(P) Rt. 66 Ghost Towns
(P) Las Vegas explorers
(P) Bay Area Water Treatment Plant «1 2 3 »
(P) Socal: first time drain!
(P) Ward at the Asylum for the Insane
(P) Partially Abandoned Sanitarium in Southern CA (Image Heavy)
(P) Oakland's 16th St Station «1 2 »
(P) Abandoned historic farmhouse.
(P) Water Park in the Woods
(P) Old Cabin in the middle of nowhere
(P) Abandoned Mall «1 2 »
(P) Nevada Brothel
(P) Art Deco Prison
(P) I'm Sure There's Already a Post...
(P) Des Piscines du Bois
(P) Bay Area Best Explore? «1 2 »
(P) The California «1 2 »
(P) Old Brick Orphanage
(P) Historic Summit Tunnel *PHOTO HEAVY*
(P) Moving to Fresno
(P) Abandoned office building
(P) New Idria April 2015 «1 2 »
(P) Orange County UrbEx
(P) What a view
(P) That One Waterpark
(P) Found 2 pounds of weed in an abandoned house near lake Shasta lol «1 2 »
(P) Rhyolite, Dublin Gulch, and Ashford Mill Ruins via Motorcycle

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