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UER Mobile > Canada: Alberta / BC
(P) Calgary Drainers
(P) Riverview - boring shots
(P) Random
(P) under another bridge
(P) Abandoned Restaurant - Fraser Canyon
(P) Lost cabin in the Fraser valley
(P) WWII Bunkers in Terrace
(P) Odds n Ends
(P) Country Home - Fraser Valley, BC
(P) Vancouver Rooftopping
(P) under a bridge
(P) Riverview mental hospital - Coquitlam, BC
(P) How Do You Deal With Cameras In Vancouver?
(P) Calgary underground LRT tunnels
(P) Got $250 ? You could soon pay to climb the lions gate bridge.
(P) Power down
(P) Old Orchard Park - Port Moody
(P) Lions gate climber force closure of bridge
(P) abandoned minimum security jail
(P) New member
(P) Edmonton Fresh Meat
(P) Looking for location in Edmonton
(P) Poll: ALBERTA MEETUP - SUMMER 2016 «1 2 3 4 5 »
(P) Looking for some new spots in the valley and vancouver area
(P) Django Hopsss
(P) Calgary 2016/2017 .... anything good left?
(P) Exploring (im) Possibilities Event listed
(P) South West BC Powerhouse
(P) Ruins of the oldest operating general store in BC
(P) School in the Sticks
(P) Gotta love rural AB farmhouses!!
(P) No 1 No 2
(P) Vancouver Draining
(P) Vintage Auto Scrapyard in the Woods - Fraser Valley, BC
(P) Salmon Hatchery (After Hours) - Fraser Valley, BC
(P) Sparse remains of a once mighty boom town - Granite Creek, BC
(P) Processing Plant - Fraser Canyon, BC
(P) Hope-Princeton Highway Cabin Ruins
(P) Queen of Sidney (BC Ferry)
(P) Residential Ruins - Langley, BC
(P) Cabin Ruins & Abandoned Mine - Skagit River, BC
(P) Bear Mountain Mine - Fraser Valley, BC
(P) Abandoned house in Mission
(P) Urban Exploring Ethnographic Documentary
(P) UEA - Calgary «1 2 »
(P) Rural Wreckage
(P) Making contact with the Vancouver natives.
(P) My First Find!

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