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UER Mobile > Canada: Ontario
(P) Church by Dusk
(P) Kingston Pen in the news
(P) Ganaraska Factory
(P) Sneak Preview of new Viceland show "Abandoned"
(P) Abandoned Apartment Complex - Toronto «1 2 »
(P) Looking for an abandoned place for dramatic portraits/pictures
(P) Went for a random drive and found this beauty
(P) Rooftopping Tips
(P) F.J. Rutland (July 1970 - Feb 2016)
(P) 6 month celebratory photo-dump. (Not too long)
(P) Abandoned House of Crosses
(P) "The Sellout House" [Pic & Write-Up Heavy]
(P) Steel wool in the churro drain
(P) Valley-halla estate
(P) Factory Outlet Tire Explore
(P) Anyone want to run around Toronto with me?
(P) Lakeshore Victorian Cottage
(P) Missing Person "Cameron Bailie"
(P) Sometimes you need a Malt beverage. «1 2 »
(P) Another church in Toronto
(P) Buddha Farm
(P) Canada Malting (Toronto)
(P) Must see's in Toronto? «1 2 »
(P) Anyone has been to the Hotel Dieu Hospital?
(P) A ride on the Spadina subway extension (TTC Promo)
(P) My first Police encounter «1 2 »
(P) Glimpses of Nuclear Ontario
(P) There is a fire epidemic in Wellington County
(P) A freezing cold day at an abandoned farmhouse
(P) Look-out Inn
(P) Memories (Gone With the Wind) «1 2 »
(P) Outsider's Roadhouse
(P) parkhill drain
(P) Boring legal stuff, cuz we had no choice
(P) Bored this saturday?
(P) The Haven (Ottawa)
(P) Questioning RatFace's Sexuality ...
(P) Jonh Arthur Carling building in otttawa.
(P) CFS-Carp Dunrobin Detachment
(P) Scared some Urbexers near Keswick
(P) Worth the trip?
(P) Anyone recently been to Gargantua?
(P) Hamilton Cult House
(P) St. Christopher´┐Żs Separate School
(P) Any Abandonded Places in the GTA Area
(P) Brant Bastard House
(P) Small Arms Inspection Building Campout & Light Painting Session
(P) Post from Feburary UER meet! Film studio :)
(P) Urbex vs. Infiltration
(P) Peterborough meet up

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