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One thing that you wished you knew when you first started exploring «1 2 »
Dealing with druggies «1 2 »
Climbing 123 floors
Meet and greet requirement for FM?
I'm sorry, but I have a couple of database questions. «1 2 »
Recommendations for exploring big building for fist time.
How to put a place on the map?
motivation «1 2 »
LockedWhich POE to chose?
Numbers Engraved into Tunnels/Drains/Overpasses
Gear for Actual Sewers? «1 2 »
...Would you?
Daytime Exploration
Customize Your UER Account
Poll: Lengthy Stories vs Photo Dump
Posting new locations and editing old locations.
Researching My First Exploration
tools for roofing
Off-key question about the database
Are pics with an entrance to the building banned?
Favorite lenses? «1 2 »
I gave out a false location, is that ok?
Photo Posting Help
What safety precautions do you use when exploring brownfields?
New to UER. Here to share my finds and discover more!
Upgrading from the phone camera
Flashlight and Other Assorted Equipment
Help with draining
Finding new locations?
1st time
When do you need to wear a mask? «1 2 3 »
Bypassing locked rooftop access doors? (rooftopping)
What do you do if you find people inside? «1 2 3 »
What kind of camera do you guys use? «1 2 3 4 5 »
Getting on a roof
Using Google Earth in a rural area... «1 2 3 »
Risks of being personally identifiable on UER? «1 2 3 »
(a question for backwoods explorers)
P.O.E. «1 2 »
Anti-Hell Hole Devices
Lead Poisoning
"Bail" money and holding cells question
Seeing in the dark «1 2 3 »
Becoming Anonymous «1 2 »
UER members/Urbex folks from Hawaii?
Advice needed about asbestos and secondary contamination risk
map view
How many locations are actually in the database?

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