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What buildings are the safest to explore?
LockedB&E/Break and Entry
What qualifies as urbex?
Places and photography equipment
Basic do's and don'ts specifically of abandoned houses
Conventions vs. Events
What hazards could you face while doing Urbex? «1 2 »
Urbex road trip
It's time to talk about the UE DB «1 2 »
Update to UE DB Thread
Do you avoid windows and roofs? «1 2 »
Backwoods Rural Exploring
Black Mold!?!?
Getting down a hidden tunnel entrance
Access All Areas
Ever accidentally gone into a non-abandoned place?
Uploading photos, creating new locations.
Rookie tips wanted for exploring recently abandoned train yard.
Couple Questions For a Newbie
How do you research and find locations? Tips for beginners? «1 2 »
LockedIron March? what to do? «1 2 »
Good ways of making sure someone is trustworthy «1 2 3 »
"Boost" oxygen tanks as a safety measure while draining?
How to host an event?
Getting Permission to Visit a Location
Need help casing a place.
When does a newly abandoned location really become safe to explore?
Finding Local Explorers
Respirator cartridges
First UE Experience for my Team and I
Any guess to what this building is?
LockedPowered places
Train track alarms? «1 2 »
Casing question
Photography Question «1 2 3 »
Cleverly disgusied «1 2 3 »
I have a location to post but i'm not a full member...
When is it time to pass on a location? «1 2 »
When the cops come? «1 2 3 4 »
Affirmative Defense
Huge Exploration Coming Up, Advice?
Urban Exploring the Legal Way «1 2 »
Advice For Infiltrating Semi-Newly Abandoned High Security Location
Exploring During Asbestos Removal
Supplies «1 2 »
Sometimes Honesty is the Best Policy
How did you new folk find UER? «1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 »
Private thread question
LockedMorals of UER
what are some good boots/footwear for storm drains with high water level?

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