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Hi, Im new. «1 2 »
Why cant i reply on some threads?
How we find locations
Your favorite tactics for avoiding security? «1 2 »
where to post?
how to avoid B&E charges «1 2 »
RawTherapee tips?
3 things that indicate a NEW location
Poll: Preferred Exploring Group Size «1 2 3 4 »
Find new locations on google maps?
Anyone in the Ontario/GTA area down for an Exploration?
Tips for exploring in bad areas? «1 2 »
Hi from northamptonshire
Message to...
What type of transportation do you use?
Pocket Knifes as Utilities? «1 2 »
First Post - Abandoned Neighborhood
How to infiltrate a site with only one, very visible entrance?
Proper Safety Precautions For Possible Radiation/Bio-hazards?
How to get over my "Pre-Exploration" Nervousness «1 2 »
Scavenging OK? «1 2 3 »
Power Still On?
Street Photography
Location DB modification etiquette
Trying to figure out how to upload pictures
My first UE adventure. AN old power plant.
Appropriate Picture Sharing Etiquette
San Francisco Explorers
Train Surfing
Halloween «1 2 »
(Not So) Hypothetical entry question
Europe Trip (Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, France, Belgium)
A little philosophy «1 2 »
Resizing photos
Dilemma «1 2 »
Orange County
Judging structural integrity?
Favorite non-UER websites for Urbex?
Found a Store Under Construction With Open Door. Need Advice.
Underground Structural Integrity
First Urbex Adventure
Poll: Climbing gear
What is allowed on this site?
Adding to an existing location?
Transmission Towers
First 'risky' explore for a rookie. Looking for advice/tips on exploring my first real location
Roof safety thread?

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