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First Post!!
When it�s time to pass on a location
UE places in the GTA that are now gone
New Member - Moving soon
Too young for urbex or exploring with others?
Meeting up with other UER members
New Member!
New to this website
Dealing with security measures
Tapping Electricity
Username Question
Trouble posting pictures
Had this account since 2010 but new to actually exploring
Female Urban Explorers «1 2 3 4 5 »
Obnoxious new explorers «1 2 3 »
(Figured out) How to upload images?
Parking? «1 2 3 4 »
Gear for Exploring
Budget versus Expensive Gear
Rural Explores and Parking «1 2 »
Is it Urban Exploration ?
How to read Law Acts
First Adventure
Eerie Scouting Experience? Good Judgement?
How do I deal with other *people*
Finding locations for beginners
Cell Phone Tower Safety
Contaminants and procedures
New to the site!
What To Do If You Find Something Bad?
Lock Picking: Ethics/Advice
Question on posting
UER Website Glitch
Weird Noise: Wondering if anyone has any ideas what it is.
Updating Areas
Finding new locations «1 2 »
New to urban exploring, and I have a few questions
Tips on getting into thoroughly borded locations
Moral Predicament
Hi! New Member Here!
A friendly reminder «1 2 »
Big city storm drain risks?
Best way to test safety while exploring
Most effective Pepper Spray? «1 2 »
Suggestions for scaling walls «1 2 »
Tips for hiding «1 2 »
Beware the hightlight real

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