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Found a place in the california bay area, and I can't explore alone
Abandoned Mental Hospital
Illegal Activity at Abandoned Locations
An abandoned house right in my neighborhood.
Failed arson attempt and a high traffic building
MN Exploring
Prints? «1 2 »
Cameras at high end apartments
How do events work?
New here, live in Milwaukee
Gearing up for drains
UER, what happened?
opening a roof hatch?
Photograph Upload
Finding Locations «1 2 »
What is the best way to meet other urban explorers? «1 2 »
Question about posting a video.
Hey Folks!
Question about the Regional boards...
Hey! «1 2 3 »
New to the hobby, but worried.
Hi everyone! experienced "noob" asking for advice here
How Not To Be Bothered While Exploring In The Hood
Abandoned Power Station II
How I fought my trespassing charge and fine.
Trespassing Fines Appearing on Record?
Abandoned Power Station
Site entry idea; $$$
Under a train bridge/next to highway enterance
Trespassing law (in Washington state)
Cheap Gloves for Climbing
Capturing light beams
Bumping into Shady Characters «1 2 »
Facebook Photography Page
RI explorer with trip coming up/ Why create an "event"?
I am doing a design project on urban exploration and would like your input
LockedHolier than Thou attitude on UER? «1 2 3 4 5 »
Exploration Tips
A Reminder AGAIN!!
A little reminder for the Rookie Forum
Your super sexy UER mods

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