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How's my gear?
Day or Night Urbex?
Binocular suggestions?
How much trouble can carrying a pick set get you in?
Anyone into exploring storm drains? I keep finding dead ends from these covers.
Three Month Milestone!
How to find out if somewhere is truly abandoned
How to find UNTOUCHED areas?
What exactly does subscribing to a province and/or country do?
Listening to music
Should I be woried? «1 2 »
Are seasons and weather important when going exploring?
Any ideas for transportation within this certain drain?
Policy on posting not so abandoned pictures?
How to meet and explore with current UER members?
How did you guys get in to urban exploring «1 2 »
Pepper Spray vs Pepper Gel
Asbestos Mine
Santa Barbara
How to deal with squatters/other people
How to tell if a place has active cameras?
What is considered urbex
gauge level of interest prior to posting?
How/Where is a good parking spot for rural abandoned farms or houses?
Is it good to use radios when exploring area
Poll: Mmm Asbestos...
What tools are smart to bring with when exploring?
Well I might be in trouble
How should I deal with other people/squatters?
Bando Locator Sites
Poll: Interacting with homeless people (urban exploring)
Do you explore alone? «1 2 3 4 5 6 »
Finding new locations in a (kind of) dead place
Editing the location DB as a basic member
Tip for when crossing trainline bridges...
What NOT to pack in your kit.

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