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2 of 2 For Jews and Christians: Original Sin
1 of 2 For non-Jews or Christians: Original Sin
Hands On
The Moonies are back in the news.
The Bible or the Koran: Which Holy Book Is More Violent?
Rabbi causing Anti-Semitism?
Orthodox Epiphany in Siberia
chunk of crap Harold Camping finally bites it.
Crypt Believed to Be Jesus Tomb Opened for First Time in Centuries
Arab Christian shot to death by white neighbor
Rape by Muslims  1 2 3 4  
Worth watching
Op-Ed: How secular family values stack up
If religion is good, why does it cause so much bad?
Chick Fil A & Dan Cathy
Islam for idiots  1 2 3  
The Pope
10 crazy quotes from televangelists
A Christmas gift for atheists -- five reasons why God exists
Full moon on Friday the 13th.
Senate prayer interrupted by Christians
Oklahoma Satan memorial
Church of Monty Python
UK: Three WHAT? under arrest for butchering yet ANOTHER Brit soldier in the street?  1 2  
Interesting take on not following the Christian God
World Going to End - Again - FLDS  1 2  
Science Vs. Religion: A Heated Debate Fueled By Disrespect  1 2  
Texas pastor: Donate to fix my helicopter and get a new car from God
Ancient Confession Found: 'We Invented Jesus Christ'
Rick Perry: "There is no freedom from religion"  1 2  
When people ask why I have a problem with religion, I post a picture.  1 2 3 4  
Muslim convert threatens to kill his mother for allegedly serving him pork
Memphis Imam: Kuffars Life and Property Worthless May be Taken Until They Submit
Michelle Shocked's anti-gay rant
EVIL Church doing gay weddings!  1 2 3  
Same sex marriage destroys families and leads to pedophilia
Nazi Pope Says Gay Marriage Threat to World Peace
Hound Pope
Teen Sues Burger King Over Religious Discrimination
How to Suck at Your Religion
christmas  1 2  
JW's decide blood might be okay
World Doesn't End - Again
What is the point?  1 2  
The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality  1 2 3 4 5  
Astrotheology: Do Gods Need To Be Supernatural

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