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UER Forum > Archived Rookie Forum > Anyone ever use a disguise? (Viewed 2546 times)

Location: New Hampshire
Gender: Male

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Re: Anyone ever use a disguise?
<Reply # 40 on 2/28/2011 3:42 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER Forum
This is my take on it. I believe that having a white pickup truck with a truck number would help if someone drives/walks by where you are scouting or exploring and sees your truck, versus if they see almost any other civilian looking car. Now chances are it won't fool most police, especially if you are parked in an area where you shouldn't be parking, but it's at least one thing you have going for you. I would NOT tell police that you work for the city, you run a high chance of them either asking for your ID, or asking you detailed questions that you obviously wouldn't know the answer to, such as "who's your supervisor?".

I still prefer to park a short distance away (depending on the location), where I can park without looking suspicious.


Gender: Male

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Re: Anyone ever use a disguise?
<Reply # 41 on 2/28/2011 5:14 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER Forum
My disguise is the following:

Oodles of respect/responsibility/honesty. (more on this below)

a DSLR camera, 4 lens' and a tripod

a crappy point and shoot camera.

Cell phone.

Water and some small snack food.

I NEVER run. Actually, I'm the one well known for approaching police and having a nice conversation with them. Last time (at a well known large closed institution in Ontario) OPP showed up- there was no point running or trying to bail as the first thing they did was record all the license plate numbers which didn't belong in the area. (We parked our cars a block or so away) When the police approached we were (still) outside, about a half dozen of us in the group. We all had cameras and tripods.

Its pretty easy to say "we heard this place was abandoned and wanted to photograph it before it was destroyed" when you collectively have around $6,000.00 in camera equipment. Police are human as well, and as long as you don't look like riffraff or vandals- and give a honest reason for being where you are- you will either get some questions about your "hobby" and permitted to carry on (which we were) or simply asked to leave. No harm, no foul. Add running/hiding into that mix.. well... if we were not caught, they already have our license plate info. Evading police is not a nice charge in any way....

In our case the police officers even gave us some "advice" on how to deal with the local residents in the town, (they had called the police on us) and how to access the building we were there to photograph. The only things that were requested of us was "please don't break anything" and " wait until we leave before entering the building"...

Also worth to note- none of us were searched or asked to identify ourselves. Respect/responsibility/honesty does go a long way.

UER Forum > Archived Rookie Forum > Anyone ever use a disguise? (Viewed 2546 times)
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