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post by Darkwolf   |  | Mellow Moderator

Forum Rules: Please Read Before Posting
< on 6/10/2006 3:36 PM >

Just posting this little reminder here:
Posted By Avatar-X

1. Don't reveal entry details publically.
2. Respect all members of this forum.
3. Respect the privacy of all members and explorers. Do not post anyone's personal information without their permission. Do not post anyone's likeness without their prior permission.
4. No animated images in avatars, or excessive animations in posts.
5. No images in signatures, and keep signatures short.
6. Don't post non-UE stuff in the UE boards.
7. Don't post porn or other adult content.
8. Don't spam our members.
9. Keep posts on-topic.
10. Don't delete what you've said with the modify feature.
11. Use common sense. If you think it's not a good idea, it's probably not. We reserve the right to warn, tempban, or permban you if you violate the rules.

The bottom line: Don't be an idiot.

Last updated June 26, 2009.

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