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UER Mobile > UE Photography > Photo attachments and general questions from a newbie! (Viewed 220 times)

post by ljmi8   |  | 
Photo attachments and general questions from a newbie!
< on 4/4/2024 3:23 AM >

Hey y'all,

I'm new on here and am wondering about attaching photos. And some other stuff.

I did my introductory post and it made me resize my image from 6000x4000 to 600x400 and down to 100kb to fit which is very small and sucky. As a reasonable photographer and image quality enthusiast, how might I circumvent this limit?

I'm not a forum or even a reddit or discord guy so I don't know the ins and outs of this stuff (not meant to be offensive lol but my social media and online interaction experience stops at my private Instagram account, y'all know what I'm trying to say) and I need some tips on how to post in general on here. On what pages should I post? How would I find those pages? What is general courtesy on naming and identifying locations (I have no problem sharing where stuff is very precisely so others can explore too, as I think most people on here are not the destructive or graffiti type, but wondering if that's a shared sentiment. Like could I put where stuff is in my post or only pm people who ask. Would I be shunned for not gatekeeping? Just trying to respect the community and the vibes here as I'd like to be a full member some day and I'm interested in improving while not drastically rebelling against the community.

But yeah any and all help would be super appreciated as I would love to start posting some of my stuff at full quality and size on the right pages with the right amount of info divulged lol!

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post by Kabes   |  | 
Re: Photo attachments and general questions from a newbie!
<Reply # 1 on 4/4/2024 4:59 AM >

Photo Posting Guide https://www.uer.ca...d=1&threadid=60002

Most people use 6 and 7 method for posting images as it looks better and you can control size. It is also easier to upload.

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post by Thecurious   |  | 
Re: Photo attachments and general questions from a newbie!
<Reply # 2 on 4/4/2024 3:22 PM >

Generally location sharing is very frowned upon. I wouldn't even recommend it with PMs for those who ask. Though most people here probably aren't vandals, there are people without accounts who in fact are here. Not only that, property owners, police, and more all come here. So if you give the name of a location out, all these people would be able to see this post on the internet with the right key words and it would get it. Since there's still a chance for people to know, sharing specific entry details is also frowned upon. But that's something I think people are more willing to share on PM if one already knows about the place.

What I recommend is finding who you can trust first. I like how you care for the enjoyment of other explorers, but many of us find plenty of locations on our own, so doing so isn't really needed I don't think. Also, I've never had anyone PM me directly for location details. What helps is finding local explorers on here and getting to know them a little. A few very helpful ones in my area have provided extremely helpful tips, websites, and even have given the names of a few places to get me started.

In short, namedropping and giving entry details is possibly one of the most frowned upon things on the site, but it's easily avoidable and someone will usually correct your fault and you're always welcome to modify the post to just get rid of the name.

Now for where to post. If you click on the forums button you'll see a map at the bottom. You'd probably want to post your exploration photos and location specific questions and stuff in the Mid-Atlantic region since you're located in VA. For most rookie questions, the rookie forum would be good for that. A lot of people just post their explorations, questions, stories, etc on the main forum. Nothing wrong in doing that(I was apprehensive of doing that when I began).

I hope this helped. If you have more questions feel free to PM me and any other explorer that seems like they have some experience(I don't have that much real exploring experience compared to others since I'm young and it's hard to get out, but I've kind of gotten the hang of things around on this site). In my case, everyone I've spoken to was very kind and helpful, so you'd probably get your questions answered or directed to the right place to ask them.

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post by ljmi8   |  | 
Re: Photo attachments and general questions from a newbie!
<Reply # 3 on 4/4/2024 6:38 PM >

Thanks! That really answers my question and I basically figured that was the case. Doesn’t bother me, just wanted to know what other people thought!Ill be sure to keep names and details out of my stuff for the most part.

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