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post by MrDuck   |  | 
My First Urbex & Screaming Squatter!
< on 2/29/2024 4:24 AM >

Here's the story of my first time urbexing and the pretty frightening, yet hooking, experience.

It was October 27th, 2023 and I was walking through my local Walmart with my college roommate. While shopping, I spontaneously through up the idea of exploring an abandoned building in the spirit of Halloween. He somehow was down. The night was young and we both jumped on our phones googling "abandoned buildings in Florida". Obviously that didn't get us far. But after a little more digging I found an abandoned country club only 45 minutes north of where we were. We got a flashlight from our room and started driving. After getting to the place and scoping it out we both realized it was way too busy of an area to try exploring. So we gave up and went to the nearest Waffle House to debrief and see what to do next. We weren't to give up yet, I mean we did just drive 45 minutes so we continued looking up more abandoned buildings. Then, we stumbled across the perfect beginner gem: an abandoned Disney resort in Orlando. We we're hooked and it was only another 45 minutes from where we were. Before we setoff for the second time that night, we made sure to get masks because we heard there was black mold.
While my roommate drove to the resort I was researching "Urbexing Strategies" and rules. I learned that that particular place was known for having "aggressive" squatters, that we shouldn't break or steal anything, that we shouldn't force ourselves in, that we should run from security but not cops, etc,.. We had our gameplan and were ready.

450550.jpg (52 kb, 495x663)
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We parked nearby and got out, by this time it was around midnight and pitch black outside. We put on our masks and grabbed our flashlight and began walking to the building down a long dark road. We we're terrified. Eventually we fond an entrance that almost seemed too good to be true.

450551.jpg (47 kb, 498x423)
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We slowly stepped inside and it felt like walking into a different dimension. it was pitch black except for the beams of our flashlights that shined through the millions of floating particles. The pure dead silence was broken by our foot steps on the shattered glass. It felt like we weren't alone and it was horrifying. We slowly walked and scanned each room and it was incredible. All the graffiti, broken debris, and old 70's style architecture was so liminal and breathtaking. We could see the black mold infesting nearly every inch of every wall, and the longer we walked around the stronger we felt that no one could possibly be living let alone staying in here. We kept exploring until we saw a dark hallway with an arrow pointing down reading "hallway to hell" in red paint. As I slowly stepped closer toward the hallway we heard our first noise that wasn't from us. A bat came flying through the hallway scaring the hell out of us. No doubtable a sign for us not to go down there. After walking around and exploring for a couple hours we decided to head back. As we walked down that long dark road we went by some sort of security checkpoint that we originally ignored on the way up. As we looked around the building we realized this one didn't have an entrance as easily pronounced as the first building. As we were just stepping over the threshold of a window we heard a rumbling sound. My roommate and I looked at each other signaling it's time to leave right as a man screams "GET THE FUCK OUT". We JUMP out of the window and sprint out as fast as we can away from the building. It was horrifying and the adrenaline lasted for the entire 2 hour ride back to our campus.

Despite that little encounter the entire trip was spectacular. It was so much fun and instantly got both my roommate and I hooked into this hobby. Between the fact that it was our first time, it was past midnight, almost Halloween and so far from home it was intense, but so worth it. We also got to see this weird floating chair:

450552.jpg (43 kb, 502x652)
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Well that's the story of my first time exploring an abandoned building, it's also the story of how got hooked on this hobby, and finally the reason I'm a member of this forum now. Hope you all enjoyed, and just wait until I tell you guys about our second time in an abandoned hospital!

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post by ZyK   |  | 
Re: My First Urbex & Screaming Squatter!
<Reply # 1 on 3/5/2024 1:12 PM >

Nothin' like your first time! Fun story and great write-up
Sounds to me like you need to get to that country club. Some places are best explored during the day - when you can blend in and your flashlights won't be as easily spotted

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post by EPOCH6   |  | 
Re: My First Urbex & Screaming Squatter!
<Reply # 2 on 3/7/2024 3:39 AM >

What's with the floating chair? 👀

Did you throw anything at it? Did it say anything to you?

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post by Haptic   |  | 
Re: My First Urbex & Screaming Squatter!
<Reply # 3 on 3/7/2024 4:27 AM >

Can't wait to hear about your adventure in the hospital ;)

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