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UER Mobile > US: South > Brooks City Base in San Antonio (Viewed 213 times)

post by Gauge-   |  | 
Brooks City Base in San Antonio
< on 2/3/2024 2:40 AM >

Recently stumbled upon an old thread on city data about a bunker that had been explored in 2013 on the old base. This bunker was located under a manhole cover but was sealed up shortly after the guy went in. Been doing some research of my own and determined there may be potential access to the tunnels that are under the base. Does anyone else on here have any experience with the base or have an interest in it? I Would love to hear it!

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post by Crazy_sh!t   |  | 
Re: Brooks City Base in San Antonio
<Reply # 1 on 2/22/2024 7:06 PM >

YO! Im an explorer in Sa and ive explored a ton around brooks. I know an entrance hatch into one of the bunkers, but its flooded on the inside. I know a lot more potential entries to bunkers/tunnels around that area.

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