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Abandoned house bird attack
< on 1/30/2024 7:25 PM >

I went to an abandoned house with a couple friends at around 10pm. I've been a few times and it's always been pretty chill. Been about 5 months since I last went and this time was interesting as a few walls were completely taken down and all the kitchen shelving was gone. When we went in we thought there was a squatter because we heard something moving in one of the rooms. Then a bird shot out of the room and started flying around one of my friends. He freaked out and ended up hitting his head and we headed out. My friend is fine, he was just panicking in the moment. I only got a couple exterior pictures but I plan to go back and get some more soon. Here's what I have now.

Pic 1: Back Entrance
Untitled by Cacklefruit, on Flickr

Pic 2: Shed in backyard
Untitled by Cacklefruit, on Flickr

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