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post by BatsandMines   |  | 
Asbestos Mine
< on 1/29/2024 12:52 AM >

One of my friends went to explore an asbestos abandoned mine. I thought this was a very bad idea. Does anyone know how bad this is to do without proper mask equipment?

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post by Aran   |  | 
Re: Asbestos Mine
<Reply # 1 on 1/29/2024 3:47 AM >

There's a reason old asbestos miners don't exist.

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post by Abby Normal   |  | 
Re: Asbestos Mine
<Reply # 2 on 1/29/2024 8:25 PM >

Posted by Aran
There's a reason old asbestos miners don't exist.

I agree with this.

Years ago I was chatting with the last head mine engineer of the Columbia mine south of Tecopa. He was telling me that his friend was the head mine engineer of the Western Talc Mine which is right across the valley. He implored me to stay away from the Western Talc because that friend died from mesothelioma. Evidently that talc has asbestos as well. For me, talc mines are a 'no go' because of the frequent occurrence of of asbestos.

There have been a series of huge lawsuit awards based on people getting mesothelioma from baby powder.

Cautious Abby

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