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UER Mobile > UE Videos > Theme Park on Top of a Mountain � Ghost Town in the Sky (Viewed 278 times)

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Theme Park on Top of a Mountain � Ghost Town in the Sky
< on 1/21/2024 6:12 PM >

For over 40 years, park guests entered Ghost Town using the chairlift or double-incline railway. I much prefer a 3 hour, primarily vertical hike up a mountain in the rain, but that’s just me!!
One of my most highly anticipated explorations to date, join me in exploring a very unique park that fulfilled its namesake a little too well!

As for POE, it’s mostly just...Up. No further detail given or needed. If you’re willing to make the trek, you’ve kinda earned it lol

An abridged history of the property & some film photos can be found on my other UER post about the park: https://www.uer.ca...urrpage=1&pp#post0

For the whole 9-yards (or 4,650 feet in elevation, rather), here’s the unabridged history & full exploration footage!! https://youtu.be/FdbO6-aTBU8

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