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UER Mobile > US: Pacific Southwest > The Mine in the Clouds (Viewed 350 times)

post by TobaColwyn   |  | 
The Mine in the Clouds
< on 12/27/2023 11:34 AM >

Hey all, I stumbled on this place a while back online and finally decided to check it out. for the sake of keeping the place less known I'm going to avoid giving a history/write up on this place, enjoy the photos.

It seems the first 3 photos are of a separate older mine but I could not get any history on it so I'm not really sure.

This mine was abandoned for a long time but doesn't appear to be anymore but I couldn't find anything concrete. I hope to gather more info on it come summer.

Other photos I took which I thought looked cool, honestly the area looks amazing.

The Mine in the Clouds by Toba Colwyn, on Flickr

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post by RescueMe1060   |  | 
Re: The Mine in the Clouds
<Reply # 1 on 12/28/2023 12:35 AM >

I don't know why but some of these snow pictures remind me of the movie The Deer Hunter

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post by Aran   |  | 
Re: The Mine in the Clouds
<Reply # 2 on 12/28/2023 12:46 AM >

I love the shots with the snowy mountains in the background!

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