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UER Mobile > Canada: Ontario > Scarbrough Line Exploration (Viewed 357 times)

post by Smiley2179   |  | 
Scarbrough Line Exploration
< on 12/18/2023 11:09 PM >

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knows what's up with the Scarbrough line since it got closed down, is it possible to explore it or nah? Its kinda far from me so I want to get an idea of wether its worth it or nat

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post by unlighted-zero   |  | 
Re: Scarbrough Line Exploration
<Reply # 1 on 12/25/2023 12:57 AM >

I mean you can see most of it from outside anyway so, shouldn't you be able to answer that for yourself? If its worth it, go for it.

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