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post by Pebserslurp   |  | 
Mmm Asbestos...
< on 12/14/2023 9:06 PM >

Is it really as bad for you as people say? I've been going to known asbestos ridden buildings without a respirator for some time.. should i be concerned? or am i chillin'?
450358.jpg (42 kb, 1170x2058)
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(pic related, although i've been to areas where its just exposed and disturbed.)

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post by Kabes   |  | 
Re: Mmm Asbestos...
<Reply # 1 on 12/14/2023 11:58 PM >

Yes asbestos is bad.. Especially in areas where there is no air ventilation. That stuff will never leave your lungs because it's fireproof and meant to withstand nature. The effects of asbestos exposure don't show up till later in life. Check out this thread on respirators. Oh yeah, that stuff also gets on your clothes, so when you bring your clothes home, you'll get the fibers all over your house


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post by fr00tCake   |  | 
Re: Mmm Asbestos...
<Reply # 2 on 12/15/2023 1:51 PM >

Typically, mesothelioma develops in smokers exposed to asbestos, and can have a gestation period of as long as 30yrs. But, it's cancer - not all rules apply, and you gamble at your own risk. Myself, being in my 50's and having been part of a DNA study (All of Us), know I am predisposed to Parkinson's and Dementia. As such, I personally am not worried about it - I've most likely got other things coming my way in the next 10 years.

BUT - KNOW - Asbestos isn't just about a respirator. It gets EVERYWHERE. The only REAL way to have 100% protection is to stay out. The only REAL way to be "safely" exposed to it is to wear a HEPA rated respirator and a hooded Tyvek suit complete with gloves and booties taped to the suit. After exposure, it is req'd to rinse off with the suit on, then the suit is bagged and disposed of on site. Of course, a mask alone reduces risk greatly, but know if you were to kick up dust that has asbestos in it, it is now on your clothes, skin, and in your hair. And now in your car seats. And now on your couch. And now in your laundry room and being circulated by your furnace. With each step, your risk level of course goes down exponentially, but there is still ALWAYS risk - a mask alone does NOT equal safe.

The Google machine has near endless results on the topic. Asbestos exposure and asbestosis/mesothelioma have been around for decades now. Do your own research and assess your own level of risk. Don't rely on some chucks in an internet forum as experts, myself included....

This is my $0.02, and my $0.02 only.....

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post by TobaColwyn   |  | 
Re: Mmm Asbestos...
<Reply # 3 on 1/2/2024 1:14 PM >

After reading about what happened to maypost I went out and got a respirator with a set of both HEPA and P100 filters, a mask is cheap and hardly any hassle for the protection it provides. Stay safe everyone!

for those who don't know

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