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UER Mobile > UE Videos > 500,000 SQ FT FRIEDRICH REFRIGERATOR FACTORY (Viewed 277 times)

post by LONELYSTARURBEX   |  | 
< on 12/8/2023 1:21 AM >

I explored this factory in downtown San Antonio back in March, while they were in the process of environmental abatement/demolition work. As of late September, everything has been leveled except for the 3 buildings deemed most historically significant to Friedrich's legacy, which will be renovated.

Since it's been demolished, POE isn't really a concern anymore obviously lol

For an abridged version of the property's history & some disposable photos, here's my UER post: https://www.uer.ca...=1&threadid=135089

a more in-depth history and full exploration vlog!: https://youtu.be/MrZGxAJu3P8

hope y'all like it!!

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