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post by 1600   |  | 
Re: How did you guys get in to urban exploring
<Reply # 20 on 1/30/2024 1:56 PM >

There was this abandoned complex of buildings (former ammo factory), I was nosey, the rest is history.

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post by Eschaton   |  | 
Re: How did you guys get in to urban exploring
<Reply # 21 on 1/30/2024 3:38 PM >

People posting adventures on the old imageboards, encouraged me to start doing research on UE in my hometown, which led me to this legendary post by Ninjalicious:


So, no disclaimer. Not for your entertainment only. Please do try this at home.

Just a few paragraphs completely changed my view of the world around me.

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post by Thecurious   |  | 
Re: How did you guys get in to urban exploring
<Reply # 22 on 1/30/2024 5:17 PM >

I was out with a buddy in rural Wisconsin trying to find a good viewing place for the northern lights. We went out to find a place with open water but also views to the north. His dad knew a spot where he went fishing a few months ago, and during the night we went to check it out after we worked out. On the same dirt road on the way out, I spotted a small abandoned house (which I have a few pics of posted). We didn't explore it at the time, but when the auroras began happening a month later, me, him, his dad, and another friend came to which the auroras were blocked by clouds. Regardless, we explored the house and talked about many stories with his dad on the way home.

That's where I came to a realization; why are parents and grandparents stories so much more interesting/crazy than anything that's occurred in my life or my friends' lives so far? Aside from being curious and adventurous, I want stories to tell my kids someday. I want to tell them the cool stuff I found, the risks we took, and overall just getting out and experiencing new things.

I'm still very new and have spent the last month basically asking questions just to play it safe. I don't really want to do it for the thrill of danger, so I want to make sure I'll get out unscathed and without charges. It kind of goes hand and hand with me just going out to see the world, except this niche is "restricted" by laws while the rest are effort based such as those of camping and travelling. Also, since I do photography, namely astrophotography and landscape, I thought it would be pretty badass to expand this to abandoned places and other cool places I find.

In short, I want to stand out with cool photos and even cooler stories, all sparked by a tiny abandoned house I found.

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post by Gauge-   |  | 
Re: How did you guys get in to urban exploring
<Reply # 23 on 2/2/2024 1:06 AM >

For me, it was an interesting start. When I was younger I always found the hobby intriguing from videos on YouTube by people like joshexplores. Being young I never pursued it. Then one day while visiting some friends from out of town they mentioned something about cool cars hidden in an abandoned factory and decided to check it out. It was a horrifying experience as I got chased out by a man with a gun which would turn off most people from the hobby but the rush I got from the escape just made me want to explore more.

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post by NotBatman   |  | 
Re: How did you guys get in to urban exploring
<Reply # 24 on 2/2/2024 5:45 PM >

For me it's just a REALLY over-developed sense of, "Hey, what's that over there?"

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post by JBUrbex   |  | 
Re: How did you guys get in to urban exploring
<Reply # 25 on 5/16/2024 2:29 PM >

Curiosity made the cat feel accomplished and happy. Or however the saying goes. Lol

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post by Yearn   |  | 
Re: How did you guys get in to urban exploring
<Reply # 26 on 5/16/2024 9:59 PM >

I was introduced to exploring by an old friend I met at work. I wasn't very good at many things, if anything at all. I did a couple things so wrong its embarrassing to think I ever allowed myself in that situation -- And as a result we don't talk anymore... but I got addicted to exploring.

I honestly don't blame 'em though. I've learned how much it sucks having company that doesn't contribute.

Since the start I've been making changes to be more prepared for exploring in the long run. I lost 50 pounds in the last year, though I still have another 50 to go to be where I want to be. I've been strength training for the rappelling and digging I'd love to inevitably do and working on my VO2 max. I'm getting more consistent at finding places on my own, and have bought gear that gives me more peace of mind to go alone.

Slowly but surely, I'll get there.

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