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post by Abby Normal   |  | 
85 years since anyone has set foot here
< on 7/7/2023 11:22 PM >

Many of you know that I have a passion for the Delamar gold mine in southeastern Nevada. Through the years I’ve accumulated months camping and exploring there. My main exploring partner is a chap named Tony from the UK. 😊 In recent years we have really focused on areas of the mine that are obviously missing, and we have been quite successful getting into areas that others have not.

The most substantial ‘lost’ section is all of level 9. We’ve been able to explore levels 1 thru 8 and 10 thru 12. But level 9 has eluded discovery…until now. On our latest trip, Tony made a Herculean effort to find a way into level 9 and was able to do so. With the access known, we headed in with our camera.

So many artifacts are scattered throughout the level, untouched since 1939. Given the difficulty in accessing the level, you won’t be seeing all kinds of videos scattered across YouTube. I hope that you enjoy this unique opportunity to see this level in it’s untouched beauty.

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post by Doug   |  | 
Re: 85 years since anyone has set foot here
<Reply # 1 on 7/8/2023 6:44 AM >

1 minute in.
I'm definitely going to give this a watch once the kids flock off to be bed tonight.

Looks great.

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