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post by Philodis   |  | 
Worcester's Lost Kirkbride
< on 6/9/2023 2:27 AM >

I've been meaning to post these for a while. The kirkbride at Worcester State was my fist asylum. Long demolished, its memory is buried right at the root of my obsession with these places.

All the photos in this set were taken by my two close friends and frequent companions. At the time, we weren't interested in 'documenting' the place, nor were we particularly aware of the broader phenomenon of 'Urban Exploration.' Instead, we wanted to create a record of ourselves, in the moment having fun.

1) 'The Asylum'

2) The approach

3) Long halls - I remember being very obsessed with the idea of climbing up to the attic, dropping my flashlight down one of the ducts and feeling my way back out through the dark - a persistent idea I never put into practice

4) This two level maze was put together by the local fire department to train in some years prior. Climbing around in there was always a big hit

5) Almost every window, top to bottom was boarded shut making this a dark place. Those you could see out of had half inch prison bars over them

6) I remember being here one time in these ridiculously over sized pants, but I no longer remember why

7) We used to call this the 'Roundatorium'

8) I have no idea what this box is. Pretty sure I took it home though. Let me know if you want to put your hand in it sometime

9) The only honest-to-god hydrotherapy spray table I have ever seen. Of course, I had no idea what the hell it was at the time

10) I should have never sold my beautiful locks for that damn pocket watch chain

11) Inside the Roundatorium where we used to play a game called 'ambulance'

12) View from the nurses' home, where I made my first journey through a steam tunnel

13) There's a 1949 Time Magazine article about this scale. It was used in a variety of studies involving the chemical analysis of people's sweat, searching for molecular tracers for certain illnesses

14) It was really am awful place for getting attacked by ghosts

15) Man those ghost attacks used to make me feel terrible

16) Looking out the key shaped window - This picture would have been taken on one of our last visits as demolition was closing in

17) 'Bout to get snaked!

18) One last look at the wing before it came down

Thanks for looking folks!


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post by MrBungle   |  | 
Re: Worcester's Lost Kirkbride
<Reply # 1 on 6/9/2023 4:28 AM >

I really love this post

sad to see such a beautiful monolith of a building gone though. That tower is straight out of castlevania

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post by mookster   |  | 
Re: Worcester's Lost Kirkbride
<Reply # 2 on 6/9/2023 4:24 PM >

Wonderful, wonderful stuff.

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post by dundertits   |  | 
Re: Worcester's Lost Kirkbride
<Reply # 3 on 6/9/2023 4:26 PM >

wow those columns and also did you see the camera obscura?

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post by DescentOnARope   |  | 
Re: Worcester's Lost Kirkbride
<Reply # 4 on 6/9/2023 6:40 PM >

Amazing memories, and seeing it from the angle in #12 is so surreal, makes it look like a movie set.

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post by randomesquephoto   |  | 
Re: Worcester's Lost Kirkbride
<Reply # 5 on 6/10/2023 6:10 AM >


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post by Interstitial   |  | 
Re: Worcester's Lost Kirkbride
<Reply # 6 on 6/10/2023 2:26 PM >

Nice! I've been waiting so long for this. Thanks for putting this up.

I had no idea you used to have Disney princess hair.

So when's that Taunton State Hospital night-time flash photography set gonna drop?

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post by Kurt   |  | 
Re: Worcester's Lost Kirkbride
<Reply # 7 on 6/10/2023 5:57 PM >

This is the greatest set I've seen in years. Thank you for sharing these

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post by Pearson   |  | 
Re: Worcester's Lost Kirkbride
<Reply # 8 on 6/12/2023 3:04 PM >

This is so awesome. I love the old photos, makes me feeling like i’m scrolling through an old ass thread!

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post by Turd Furgusen   |  | 
Re: Worcester's Lost Kirkbride
<Reply # 9 on 6/12/2023 4:37 PM >

This was really great. Of all the Kirkbrides, Worcester was always my personal favorite.

Thanks for sharing!

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