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UER Mobile > US: Four Corners > Stone Castle Looking Abandoned Paper Mill Utah (Viewed 408 times)

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Stone Castle Looking Abandoned Paper Mill Utah
< on 4/29/2023 7:23 PM >

The Granite Paper Mill, a deceivingly large stone structure in Utah was built under the supervision of Henry Grow in 1883. The large stone structure is several stories tall and features a walled-in courtyard, two large peaked roofs, and a fully accessible tower.

449624.jpg (100 kb, 1209x907)
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Workers shipped in paper-making equipment from the Old Sugar House Mill and used this site primarily to grind logs from Big Cottonwood Canyon and Little Cottonwood Canyon into pulp. During peak operation, this mill would yield approximately 5 tons of paper a day!

On April 1st, 1893 a fire broke out that wasn't handled properly because most workers were convinced the alarm was an april fools prank. Because of this, the vast majority of the materials — besides the metal machinery and machinery parts which you can still see inside today — burned down and the mill closed.

In 1927 the mill was partially rebuilt and repurposed to be a dance hall. Upon exploring we found what looked to be a room holding theater lights in the basement under the big ballroom. The "Old Mill Club" was alive and well until the 1960s, going through spells of rock music on Friday and Saturday nights as well as calling itself a haunted house and craft boutique.

Once you're inside you'll most likely find yourself on the first level and overwhelmed with how many rooms there are to explore.

449625.jpg (96 kb, 1209x907)
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Both funny and spooky graffiti is sprawled all over select walls.

449626.jpg (92 kb, 907x1209)
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Heading up the stairs you'll find a couple more rooms along with a large room with a balcony overlooking the ballroom.

449627.jpg (95 kb, 1209x907)
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The next step would be to summit the tower, which has a beautiful view of cottonwood heights and the manmade lake situated somewhat close to it.

449628.jpg (98 kb, 907x1209)
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Heading down the stairs from the first floor you'll find yourself at the basement level under the ballroom, where there are derelict bathrooms, an old generator room, and more to explore.

449629.jpg (99 kb, 907x1209)
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449631.jpg (94 kb, 1209x907)
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There have been many talks of this place being haunted, and to further that we ran into a group of explorers who brought along an Ouija board and had plenty of stories to tell about their past experiences in this place. If this is something you're into, you'll definitely find some spooky vibes here.

This place is definitely worth checking out. Very easy to access with a lot to explore and a solid amount of variety in the rooms. There was never a dull moment peaking into the various rooms and trying to piece together what the place originally was.

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post by Aran   |  | 
Re: Stone Castle Looking Abandoned Paper Mill Utah
<Reply # 1 on 5/1/2023 5:18 AM >

Very cool, some of the architecture from those exterior shots almost look like Spanish monasteries.

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