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Mysterious Denver Boilerhouse
< on 4/29/2023 2:52 AM >

There's not much history about this that's readily available. We know that it was built in 1963 by the Pittsburgh- Des Moines Steel Company according to a plaque on the large storage tank, presumably for the nearby industrial complex. That complex appears on the 1986 Google Earth historic images, but the aerial pictures are too grainy to make out what it was and the online city records don't go further back than 1999. By 1994 the complex was almost entirely demolished aside from this boilerhouse, so finding out anything more regarding its history would require digging through the city's paper archives if they even still have any.

This spot was one GarretStopMotion and I stumbled upon after a long day of driving all over Denver without success as every single one of our pre-researched leads turned out to be a bust. This place is small, but felt almost like a consolidation prize from the universe. Today the boilerhouse is heavily scrapped and sits on the other side of the fence from a nearby hiking trail. The fields around it contain several homeless encampments.

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