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UER Mobile > US: Pacific Southwest > Abandoned US Survey marker from 1946 (Viewed 612 times)

post by TobaColwyn   |  | 
Abandoned US Survey marker from 1946
< on 4/19/2023 2:05 PM >

Abandoned Forest Service marker by Toba Colwyn

(Here is hoping the image is posted right ) This is a waypoint to find a Survey monument. the original one that this points to is lost and a new one was laid in 1982(photo withheld to hide location not that it really matters for these). I found about a half dozen of these signs in a small area, all pointing to one another, then finally to the monument point. A small find but an interesting one.

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post by MeoW   |  | 
Re: Abandoned US Survey marker from 1946
<Reply # 1 on 6/26/2023 5:28 AM >

Cool find. The township and range don't put it in USFS land though which is interesting must be missing a number although they look pretty clearly preserved.

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post by TobaColwyn   |  | 
Re: Abandoned US Survey marker from 1946
<Reply # 2 on 8/4/2023 7:54 AM >

Funny enough is that is %100 is in US Forest Service land in California, and the monument this is directing you to(which is within 500 feet of the marker) was lost, then replaced in the 82, and although I located the 82 one GIS Data shows it about 2 miles off where it actually is on a map I found online.

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