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UER Mobile > UE Videos > Testing the Insta360 ONE RS 360 Camera. (Viewed 472 times)

post by DescentOnARope   |  | 
Testing the Insta360 ONE RS 360 Camera.
< on 3/23/2023 2:23 PM >

A couple weeks back I tested out the Insta360 ONE RS at a site. Here's the video, and a brief rundown on my thoughts on it.

Its main draw is the one-inch sensor, which really has impressed me with the results in low light. It has manual exposure settings, as well as exposure caps, so you can limit the ISO ceiling and set your own shutter speed, which is all very helpful for UE applications.

Between the high resolution and excellent low light performance, I was very impressed with the quality overall. However, in this video, you'll see a lot of blur at times, and I'm not sure if it's because the shutter speed wasn't fast enough, or if it's an artifact of the built-in stabilization. I had previously set the shutter speed to 1/60, but it didn't appear to be set when I next looked at the camera, so I don't know if it reset itself. I'll have to do more testing in this regard.

I did encounter a lot of problems on the software end, however. The files are written to the card in a proprietary format, which thankfully allows you to convert to .mp4 to edit in a different program. For some reason, it seems to write video in two different file types, each equal in size. This being 6k footage, it's VERY heavy on the storage, so I'd really like to know what the point of this second file is. Rendering in Vegas Pro ALWAYS produced artifacts that were not present on the footage itself, mainly when the scene was still except for small distant movement.

The biggest disappointment, however, is on Youtube's support for 360 video. While programs like VLC allow you to zoom out until the image collapses into a sphere, Youtube only allows you to zoom out by a small amount, which... partly defeats the purpose? In my opinion, 360 footage is at its best and wider FOVs, which gives the impression of a sharper image and makes it feel more immersive as you look around. I have no idea why they've capped it in such a way, especially since you can zoom IN very far. Youtube also doesn't support 6k, which means that a lot of the resolution is lost. I tried rendering up to 8k, but the maximum quality is still 4k. Between all this and the compression, the end result falls far short of what the hardware is actually capable of.

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post by Spook13   |  | 
Re: Testing the Insta360 ONE RS 360 Camera.
<Reply # 1 on 3/23/2023 3:02 PM >

this is really interesting ! it would be super cool to see more 360° exploration videos. unfortunate that youtube's 360° feature still needs work, especially since if you as the viewer have moved the camera to one side, you're completely missing everything else, so your options are either constantly move around to see everything or pick a position and cut your losses. but on your part this is a great video !!

edit: i realized my point might be a bit unclear lol what i'm meaning to say is that i if youtube allowed you to zoom out more there would be less need to move the camera around as much and you could see a lot more

again though i love your video i think you should make more

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post by MrBungle   |  | 
Re: Testing the Insta360 ONE RS 360 Camera.
<Reply # 2 on 3/23/2023 3:31 PM >

Woah. This is really cool. Never thought I'd see a 360 urbex video. More ya know

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post by Kabes   |  | 
Re: Testing the Insta360 ONE RS 360 Camera.
<Reply # 3 on 3/23/2023 3:50 PM >

Awesome video. What would be cooler is 360 drone footage.

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