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UER Mobile > UE Videos > 1990s Footage of Parchment MI Paper Mill (KVP / Crown Vantage / etc) (Viewed 387 times)

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1990s Footage of Parchment MI Paper Mill (KVP / Crown Vantage / etc)
< on 3/9/2023 3:16 PM >

Many years ago, I explored and documented the abandoned paper mill in Parchment MI (KVP, KVP Sutherland, Brown Company, James River, and finally Crown Vantage) : http://www.alliedpaper.org/cvantage/

Near the end of 2022, I found a DVD in the Parchment Public Library containing narrated footage from the 1990s of the mill actually operating, obtained by a long-term former employee when he caught wind that parts of the operation were going to start getting shut down / sold off.

The first ~half of the DVD consists of the former employee, Joe Chadderdon, explaining what the employees are doing in the footage he took in the 1990s. The second half consists of him explaining what is going on in some promotional footage taken at the plant in 1929. Both halves are very interesting, and are now available on YouTube:



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