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post by Aran   |  | 
Denver Bonsai Nursery
< on 3/3/2023 12:12 AM >

Not much information is available online about this place. It was a former plant nursery that shut down within the last year or so- it was only abandoned for a very short time. I believe we were the first people in to find it, as there was no graffiti or signs of homeless people. In fact, it was so recently abandoned that many of the faucets still had running water and there was fresh sawdust on the new plywood boards.

The members of the Bureau of Exploration and I decided to sit on this place and watch it, in the hopes of turning it into a stealth-camping site to host out of town explorers since none of us had living situations conducive to guests. We were planning on letting it cool off for a few months and get a little more abandoned before we did anything with it. Unfortunately, land developers got there first and as of this week a Denver-based Bureau of Exploration member confirmed that there's nothing left but an empty lot now.

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post by OnlyFootprints   |  | 
Re: Denver Bonsai Nursery
<Reply # 1 on 3/10/2023 10:18 PM >

For some reason I thought it would be smaller.

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post by Garrett Stopmotion   |  | 
Re: Denver Bonsai Nursery
<Reply # 2 on 3/29/2023 5:42 AM >

Man really appreciate you posting Colorado updates Aran. We've found so much I need to get back on the posting to see if anyone new pops on here.

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post by Lomax   |  | 
Re: Denver Bonsai Nursery
<Reply # 3 on 4/7/2023 10:33 AM >

This is so sad. The Bonsai Nursery has been an established nursery here forever 💔

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