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UER Mobile > UE Videos > Exploration Just West the Caprock - New Mexico (Viewed 426 times)

post by T.P. Wilson   |  | 
Exploration Just West the Caprock - New Mexico
< on 2/21/2023 8:05 PM >

A few years back, I ventured down the caprock of New Mexico to the many ghost towns along old Route 66. I would not be surprised if some of these places have previously made their appearance on this forum. Let this, then, be a (hastily edited) compilation of the interesting places I went to, as an updated record of how these places have held up.
Many of the buildings I saw were in much worse condition as compared to the images I'd found of them online. This is very much "Baby's First Exploration!" I'm aware that I didn't enter many of the buildings and it's definitely weak in comparison to so many of the incredible places documented here. I hope, nevertheless, that you enjoy this quick video.

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