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UER Mobile > Canada: Ontario > Weston Bakery / 462 Eastern Ave (Viewed 688 times)

post by rb211   |  | 
Weston Bakery / 462 Eastern Ave
< on 12/30/2022 5:58 AM >

Brown’s bread (1919-??) / Intercity baking / Weston Bread (??-2014) / Wonder condos (2014 – present)
462 eastern ave
Toronto, Canada

apr 2019

I think someone in the discord spotted it – after a few years of being buttoned up real tight, Weston bakery on eastern ave was being torn down – and so on a gray April day in 2019 me, rusty and fleeting made a punt at this grand old bread factory.

I actually haven’t been back to this building recently, and couldn’t tell you if the condofication has been completed yet or if it’s occupied – however, at least the façade of the building was saved and it should look somewhat similar from the outside today.


Ground floor – mushroom columns, or whatever theyre called

As one would expect in a modern factory – tanks and piping everywhere.

Detail of an oven. This thing was as big as 1.5 shipping containers or so – about that cross section and length.





Pipes and stuff neatly stacked and sorted for scrapping.


Big hoppers on the top floor for flour. They would have been loaded with a vacuum system.


Part of a giant conveyor for cooling loaves as the exited the oven I think.

Goofing around

Two things I remember about that day were-
1. The door was unlocked and that was how we got in
2. There were several other people in there – a guy that was talking to himself, at least one scrapper armed with a saw, and another urbexer who used to be on uer

Strange company

Typically these places are locked real tight between when the developer buys them until demolition starts – so unfortunately for us there’s often chunks of the building missing by the time we can easily get in

Despite my intentions I only made one go at this place and soon enough there was basically nothing left to see… and in hindsight there was a lot of stuff in there important to the story of the building that I either didn’t take pictures of at all, or they were real stinkers and I cut them from this post. So here’s all I have from this excursion – less than ideal, but I figured posting some shots would be better than having these languish away in the hard drive.


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post by Air   |  | 
Re: Weston Bakery / 462 Eastern Ave
<Reply # 1 on 7/15/2023 12:31 AM >

The oven and cooling racks were great. I've been meaning to walk down that way actually since it should be completed. I have their promo brochure somewhere. If I find it, I'll post some shots.

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