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September Subterranean Supper
< on 12/29/2022 4:21 AM >

Last September, my friend and I went to a rather new storm drain. At the outfall, the churn blocks looked like someone had taken an obstacle straight from Wipeout and we joked about a game show being operated there.

While inside, we attempted to avoid the dark green water which was pooled on the floor.

After this early wet section, we took a left into a dry section of the tunnel. Here, the ceiling was lower, but occasionally there would be a manhole room that we could stand without stooping. The highest one was about 15-20 feet high. This went on for 4 manholes at which point we reached our destination.

While we set up the area to eat, I finally revealed to my friend what the secret item I had brought was, a coconut. After cracking it open, we were both very disappointed to find out that the inside had gone moldy and dried up.

After this disappointment, we set up the rest of the meal without the coconut.

Overall, it was a pretty good meal of a baguette, and a couple of bottles of sugar free Powerade.

On our way out of the drain, we played a game of finding the newest segment of RCP. The winner was a segment with the date of 7/30/20, so we knew this drain had to have been made within the last two years.

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