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UER Mobile > In Memoriam > RIP Gregory "Gregador" Valiga - 08/02/1959 - 08/10/2022 (Viewed 1141 times)

post by Air   |  | 
RIP Gregory "Gregador" Valiga - 08/02/1959 - 08/10/2022
< on 12/22/2022 3:32 PM >

Some of you in the North West might have known Gregador. I met him on Flickr (not UER, but I'm pretty sure he was here) and he was a photographer and explorer who was into big industrial locations all over the rust belt. I learned recently he passed away in August. I knew he was unwell and I probably spoke with him last around a year ago. He explored PA and Ohio and loved Detroit. He was from Erie PA and it's a shame we never got to explore after Covid, he was looking forward to everything returning to normal and getting back to road trips.

Someone in his family is maintaining his flickr account here: https://www.flickr...hotos/62841083@N04

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post by Doug   |  | 
Re: RIP Gregory "Gregador" Valiga - 08/02/1959 - 08/10/2022
<Reply # 1 on 12/23/2022 2:18 AM >

Rest in Peace

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