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post by Aran   |  | 
Small town Utah Hospital
< on 12/19/2022 7:03 AM >

Named for a longstanding county physician, [REDACTED] Hospital was one of Utah’s premier medical clinics for over fifty years. Built in 19██ through a combination of citizen fundraising and county budgets, the hospital was constructed when the uranium mines of the region caused a population boom that the original town hospital was too small to handle. [REDACTED] Hospital was a state of the art medical center that was lauded as a prime example of what a modern hospital should be. Several expansions over the years added a 24/7 emergency room, a full diagnostics lab, CIT and MRI scanners, and several rehabilitation programs to further improve its ability to serve the needs of the [CENSORED] area.

Unfortunately online information regarding the day to day of the hospital is scarce, though what little there is infers that budgetary issues were a common strain on resources. Though the hospital was state of the art at its founding, eventually the aging medical center could no longer meet the needs of the surrounding community and it was replaced by the [CENSORED] Regional Hospital in 20██. After it shut down several scandals came to light. A former general surgeon at [REDACTED] Hospital had his medical license suspended in 20██ due a pattern of behavior that included sexually assaulting several nurses, sexually harassing patients mid-surgery, verbally abusing his coworkers, and deliberately spraying drugs and patient bodily fluids onto other medical workers while performing surgeries. A second scandal emerged in 20██ when it was found that patient records containing personal information were left unsecured at the then- abandoned [REDACTED] Hospital building. These records were properly disposed of in 20██ and the hospital remains vacant to this day.

The main reception desk in the front lobby.

A sign on the reception desk.

This bathtub may have been part of the hospital's physical therapy program.

They may be vandals, but at least they're not homophobic vandals.

As you can see, this wasn't a very big hospital.

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post by razzyt   |  | 
Re: Small town Utah Hospital
<Reply # 1 on 12/19/2022 4:11 PM >

Good shit Aran!

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