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UER Mobile > US: Mid-Atlantic > Fall Visit to a Springs Location (Viewed 560 times)

post by oysterhead00   |  | 
Fall Visit to a Springs Location
< on 11/20/2022 2:07 PM >

First of a few stops with Cfourexplore, took almost a thousand pictures for the day so it's going to take a while to get through all of them, but here's a first batch.

This was a huge place and other than right at POEs, had almost no graffiti. Only one dick in the whole place, it was like the taggers were afraid to go more than a few feet into the place which might be smart of them considering the floor condition throughout.

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post by miber   |  | 
Re: Fall Visit to a Springs Location
<Reply # 1 on 11/21/2022 4:58 PM >

Nice, I love the typeface of their sign. Very mid-century.

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post by Cfourexplore   |  | 
Re: Fall Visit to a Springs Location
<Reply # 2 on 11/21/2022 9:39 PM >

These look great; this was such an awesome location! Looking through my shots, I'm actually happy with most of them, even with doing a bit of editing on some...
I'm glad we got to meet up for another wild explore day!

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