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UER Mobile > Canada: Alberta / BC > Fort Saskatchewan Area Bunker (Viewed 468 times)

post by UnnamedKid   |  | 
Fort Saskatchewan Area Bunker
< on 10/7/2022 11:34 PM >

My dad told me about an abandoned World War 2 bunker him and his sister found as kids. I believe it was hidden in a small forested area by their house but they lived there about 55 years ago. Has anyone else heard anything about this bunker's existence or know where it could be?

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post by thegerm   |  | 
Re: Fort Saskatchewan Area Bunker
<Reply # 1 on 10/9/2022 5:07 AM >

Fort Sask has tripled in size in that time. There is a good chance its been demolished. Was it a privately made one or government?

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post by Technomancer   |  | 
Re: Fort Saskatchewan Area Bunker
<Reply # 2 on 10/10/2022 12:10 AM >

I'd be really surprised to find anything bunker-like related to WWII in this part of the world.

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post by /-/ooligan   |  | 
Re: Fort Saskatchewan Area Bunker
<Reply # 3 on 10/12/2022 7:16 AM >

If it were along the coastline, it could make sense that they had some coast/harbor defense gun emplacements & stuff, but I just looked at Fort Saskatchewan on a map, and...

If there was a 20th century or even late 19th century military fort/base there, it'd make-sense that it may have had one or more munitions storage bunkers, but they're usually not hidden in a forested area -- they're out in a secured, but cleared area to make it harder for trespassers to use vegetation as cover/concealment. Obviously that doesn't mean the forest didn't grow around the site after it was abandoned, or it was located in a treed area to hide it.

It could have been an explosives storage bunker for dynamite or TNT used during construction of something -- a railroad tunnel, a rock quarry, etc.

Your best bet is to separately ask your dad & aunt to pinpoint the general area as best they can on a map, and hope that each provides a location in the same general area.

The other thing to do is research military units assigned to that area but don't spend much effort on things that they probably didn't know to be true, for-example, that it was a WW-II era [military] bunker.


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