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post by Noisavni   |  | 
White Lakes Mall - Topeka, KS
< on 10/5/2022 6:32 PM >

A few months ago, myself and some friends made several trips to the then abandoned, now demolished, White Lakes Mall in Topeka, KS. The following photos are a conglomeration of all the trips we took.

We always entered through the same section, a large department store on the southern side of the main structure. The glass doors had been busted open, so it was easy to sneak in. Past these doors the department store began, and always made for a long slog, full of walking through identical halls and dodging metal sheets from the ceiling before we could reach the actual heart of the Mall.

The following images are from said section:

This final doorway we eventually went behind^, but alas, no puss

After making it through that department store section, we arrived at probably the coolest part of the whole structure. I snapped this photo the first time we entered:

We had to be careful with our flashlight usage here, however, as to our left and right were long hallways that lead straight to glass doorways, which in turn opened up to highly used roads. We were concerned about someone seeing our lights, and as such we were unable to take many well-lit photos. Since then, I've 'got gud' and realized we should've entered the building in the early morning before sunrise rather than late at night, but since realizing that the Mall has been demolished.

Another photo from the large room:

There was also a small underground section that was accessible via a staircase, however this entire section was frozen over. We walked a little bit over the ice, but anyone who has ever dealt with ice knows that this is a great way to slip through and catch hypothermia, or worse, so we moved along, leaving the majority of this section unexplored.

Finally we'd walk around random stores and other sections of the Mall, most of which we either didn't photograph or were fairly similar. Here's a few shots from that, though:

Sorry if the photos aren't quality, photography is not my forte. Any and all photography advice is more than welcome though!

That's the Mall though, hope ya'll enjoyed.

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post by WestOhooligan   |  | 
Re: White Lakes Mall - Topeka, KS
<Reply # 1 on 1/10/2023 4:39 PM >

Wow. Last time I was a that mall was to get my DL renewed lol. that was 20 years ago maybe? Even then it was pretty empty.

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