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post by oysterhead00   |  | 
Today's Explore
< on 10/1/2022 11:39 PM >

Not sure what the deal was with the ballpit balls...but they were everywhere in (and out) of this school.

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post by Cfourexplore   |  | 
Re: Today's Explore
<Reply # 1 on 10/2/2022 1:15 AM >

Ohhh yeah, looks like a fun day! I don't think I've been to that first place, but I'm still diggin that auditorium!
Those balls are a fun little mystery; don't know what's up with those...

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post by SugarRAt   |  | 
Re: Today's Explore
<Reply # 2 on 10/2/2022 2:48 PM >

funny creepy for the paint wall and all the balls! I Love it.
but my favorite one is the auditorium.

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post by Turd Furgusen   |  | 
Re: Today's Explore
<Reply # 3 on 10/4/2022 5:27 PM >

Very solid post! Nice work!

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post by The Files   |  | 
Re: Today's Explore
<Reply # 4 on 11/1/2022 7:26 PM >

Unreal. Gorgeous decay!

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