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post by Kurt   |  | 
until the day burns down
< on 8/29/2022 5:59 AM >

Just two shots because I am lazy. And both taken on my Huawei cell phone. But they're actually recent, from yesterday. See, I ain't dead yet!

I had wanted to see this building for many years. I have tried and it never went well. Not when I was a preteen and not now in my 30s. Glad I finally did it, though, it's pretty cool. One of the last buildings from an old Tuberculosis Sanatorium, this was the nurse's building. Of the 12 structures, this was the only one I had never made it in. It is two buildings connected by a tiny connecting corridor. It has power throughout and ranges from quite decayed to simply vacant to a good chunk that is still in use on a part-time basis by two non-profit charities.

After it stopped being used for nurses, the hospital kept it open as administrative offices and they offered townspeople to come get a check-up and such. Later it would be leased for various uses such as Police K9 center, and for the regional 4H. The municipality which owns this building hopes to have the abandoned wings and areas eventually fixed up and leased out.

The two pictures here are from a disused wing. The second image is on the second floor which from what I can gather was last used somewhere between 1988-1990.

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post by Philodis   |  | 
Re: until the day burns down
<Reply # 1 on 8/31/2022 7:29 AM >

Hey! Good to see you around again

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post by Rinzler   |  | 
Re: until the day burns down
<Reply # 2 on 9/4/2022 3:36 PM >

Good shit! Glad to see you getting out!

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post by randomesquephoto   |  | 
Re: until the day burns down
<Reply # 3 on 9/4/2022 5:22 PM >


Perfect pictures as usual.

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