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UER Mobile > Canada: Alberta / BC > Abandoned House on Tyee Point (Horseshoe Bay) (Viewed 1568 times)

post by ak47scope   |  | 
Abandoned House on Tyee Point (Horseshoe Bay)
< on 4/20/2022 1:39 AM >

I don't know too much about the spot other than that the elderly owner/caretaker passed away years ago and the main house, along with a couple other small buildings on the property were left behind. A while after that, a foreign buyer purchased the property and started renting it out (most likely short term rentals). My best guess is that people started partying there while nobody was renting it out and eventually it became trashed and boarded up after one final eviction.

There's also a gazebo on the property that boasts beautiful views of howe sound and a reallyyyyyy big patio that's perfect for lounging around on or doing witchcraft or whatever u freaks are into (just kiddingggg!!)

I first went to this place a couple months ago. At that time, the construction development in front of the access point to the trail leading up to the house was not yet finished. This complicated things a little bit because you'd have to try to get through the active construction zone, but once that was done, the trail itself was well marked and there were no fences, or anything else getting in the way of reaching the property.

The last time I went there was a couple days ago while trying to show a friend around and (lucky us!!) the owners (who I suspect recently purchased the property) had pulled up their two cars on the path. When we tried walking past them, they warned us that the path leading up to the house was private property and told us to leave.

When we returned later that night, they had a fence put up and trespassing signs as well, which is kinda crazy because up until now (although I could be wrong) it seems like the owners knew what was happening with the property and didn't really care about the constant parties/graffiti/trespassing etc. until a few days ago. This is why I suspect the people I met are new owners (either that or they were lying but that seems unlikely).

Anyways, for anyone that wants to visit: my advice is to go ASAP. because although I'm not a psychic or whatever, the next few weeks might be the last chance for easy access (or who knows they might even just demolish the whole building soon!!)

Happy exploring guys <3 if anyone wants to reach out about specifics of getting there pls message me I'd be happy to give out the info b4 its too late

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post by Masakari   |  | 
Re: Abandoned House on Tyee Point (Horseshoe Bay)
<Reply # 1 on 4/21/2022 8:03 PM >

My friend and i explored that place a few years ago and it was a neat location right on the water. It blew my mind how its been desolate for so long with that kind of view without getting redeveloped.

When we were inside that place was a total mess, the entire lower floor was full of just random crap, wall to wall and 3ft high!

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